Generate a Brighter, Cleaner Energy Future

Ensure maximum supply capacity and reliability with distributed generation that includes battery storage and reciprocating engines.

Increase Dispatchable Power - Without Compromising on Sustainability

Reduce Reliance on the Wider Grid

Aging grid infrastructure and shortages of dispatchable energy render your REC increasingly vulnerable during peak periods and extreme weather events.

Protect the stability of your supply and prices by reducing your reliance on the grid, particularly during peak and coincidental peak periods.

Maximum Preparation for Peak Periods

State legislative efforts to restrict non-dispatchable generation pose challenges to the reliability of your supply.

Meet the demands of policy makers to increase dispatchable power during peak load and extreme weather events in the most efficient – and reliable – way possible. 

By storing energy and backing your supply with reciprocating engines that produce fewer emissions per kw/h than other fossil fuel technologies. 

Escape High-Cost Energy Waste

Make the most efficient use of your distributed energy resources by combining their power to increase efficency and effectiveness.

Ramp up reciprocating engine energy production when necessary to support peak loads and capture any excess generation with battery storage.

Combat Energy Challenges With a Solution That Ticks All the Boxes


Fill the gap left by renewable technologies during peak demand and emergency outages


Maximize efficiency by storing excess energy to support peak demand at a lower cost


Decrease your REC’s reliance on the grid and for a more sustainable supply solution


A Customized Approach to Solving Your Unique Challenges

We recognize there’s no “one-size-fits all” approach for our REC partners. You need a customized solution that accounts for your unique situation. 

That’s why The Perceptive Way is entrenched in building a deep understanding of your situation, so we can work together to determine the most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective distributed generation system.

Using proprietary models we assess all of the operation, technical, and financial indicators that’ll steer your project in the best direction.

Solutions That Maximize Energy Independence

Explore our range of distributed generation solutions for more on how we can support your community.