Your Members Deserve

the Best:

Be the Consistent Supplier They Can Trust

Shortages of dispatchable energy are leaving your members without power when they need it most. 

With battery storage, capture excess generation to provide uninterrupted power and safeguard your customers.

Minimize Energy Waste and Keep the Lights On

– With Confidence

Manage Peak Loads

Reduce demand charges and avoid purchasing expensive peak power from the grid by storing excess electricity generated during low-demand periods.

Ultimately lowering energy costs for your REC – and your customers.

Maintain Emergency Supply

Guarantee sustained power for your community when the central grid is challenged.

A backup supply of dispatchable energy during grid outages or emergencies ensures you can continue to provide essential services to your customers.

Better the Lives of Your REC Members

Be prepared for peak demand

Use excess energy you’ve generated during off-peak hours to ensure supply when the grid is challenged

Deliver lower energy costs

Reduce energy waste to provide a more cost-effective and efficient solution to your customers

Build a resilient supply

Add a reliable backup power supply to your energy mix


A Partnership Built on

Transparency, Trust, and Understanding

You need a partner you can rely on to take care of your project from start to finish. 

That’s why we have an open book policy so you understand how we do business and focus our efforts – so you can offer the same transparency that’s so important to your members. 

Understanding your REC’s unique situation to uncover the best way forward is The Perceptive Way

Our proprietary model addresses your energy problems to recommend a best-fit solution based on operational and technical requirements, and the best financial returns.  

A True Green Capital Partner

Million in Funding
Million of distributed assets
Years of experience

Energy Solutions Entrenched in

Affordability, Reliability, and Sustainability

Every REC is unique, so every solution we offer is unique. 

Discover our range of distributed generation solutions.