Our Team has local home grown roots.

At Perceptive Power Infrastructure, LLC, our team is family. We all come originally from rural communities and now we see how we can help our towns within the solar energy industry.

We enjoy sitting down with our customers – traveling to their communities and having a real conversation over a coffee. 

Current Openings

Ready to join our team of professionals? Select one of the positions below.


Candidate should currently be or a former executive of rural electric cooperatives (RECs).   It is expected that the candidate will have professional relationships that can expedite introductions and discussions with REC executives concerning their openness to distributed generation, specifically solar PV and battery energy storage systems (BESS).


Focus markets

  • Cooperatives in IA, MN, WI, MI, IN, IL, OH, PA


Candidates should understand:

  • Both G&T and Distribution Cooperatives
  • All requirement clauses
  • Net-metering / Behind the meter applications
  • Electric supplier agreements
  • Client rate structures
  • Financial structures
  • Technical considerations
  • Operations and maintenance


Candidates should be able to provide industry knowledge to accelerate time to market in the following areas

  • Which cooperatives will be acceptable to distributed generation
  • Understanding of goals of C&Is (BTM, RECs, & VPPAs)
  • Specifics regarding all requirements’ clauses (G&T and Dist Coop relationships/agreements)
  • Demand management (cost & structures)
  • General size of projects 500KWdc to 20 MWdc solar PV
  • Energy storage projects of approximately $1 million or more
  • Avoided cost/purchased power prices
  • What motivate cooperatives to
    • Engage for their consumption
    • C&I engagement strategy (BTM & Net Metering)


Candidates should be able to discern:

  • Counter party bankability
  • Opportunities in supplier “all requirement clauses” that promote financial viability
  • Cost associated Interconnection & permitting
  • Opportunities where energy capacity allows for distributed generation
  • Opportunities where load correspond with C&I clients
    • non-seasonal 7-day week loads are preferable
    • seasonal or non 7 day a week dependent on net metering


We are offering a 6-month engagement consisting of the following:

  • Retainer to be paid month $5K/month
  • Success fee of 2.5 cents / watt (DC) for any project originated by you that secures a Letter of Intent, with XX% paid at LOI and XX% paid at NTP
  • Not to engage similar organizations, market segments or geographic territories without express written permission by PPI / TGC (with market segments and geographic territories to be mutually agreed in the independent contractor agreement with PPI)
  • Occasional diligence and guidance for PPI / TGC in market segments and geographic territories beyond those defined.


After the first 6 months and upon mutual consent of both parties

  • Retainer to be reduced or eliminated
  • Success fee to be correspondingly increased to a mutually acceptable rate and payment terms
  • 60-day termination by either party


Initial Working Plan

 The first 6 months should be a time for the candidate and PPI / TGC to get up to speed and secure projects. Going forward PPI/TGC should not need to be brought up to speed in the sector and the focus should be on putting together agreements and building projects. A potential alternative is that candidate joins PPI on an exclusive advisory or employment agreement, in which case there would be a formal compensation structure.


To Apply

Email your resume to careers@perceptive-power.com. Include Executive Originator in the subject line. 

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