4CP and Distributed Generation

4CP: three small characters that have a dramatic impact on yearly energy cost. If you’re in the business of electrical supply and distribution, chances are you’re very familiar with 4CP demand, or Four Coincidental Peak demand. Our team has spent a lot of time looking at 4CP and the impact it has on our clients’ bottom line. After all, an important part of our process at Perceptive Power Infrastructure is to understand our clients’ energy bill and loads.

Distributed Generation Energy Solutions Built for Rural America

The energy landscape is changing. Coal generation is decreasing and natural gas generation increasing. The US is now the world’s leading supplier of liquified natural gas and across the country, energy demand is higher than ever. Meanwhile, transmission infrastructure is in need of costly updates. Increasing costs are changing the energy landscape, and RECs are […]

The importance of NRECA membership

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is a national service organization which represents consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives, public power districts, and public utility districts. As proud members of NRECA, we see an immense amount of benefit in what they do for rural electric cooperatives (RECs).  To understand the benefits of RECs though, it’s also […]

The Perceptive Way: Building a Partnership Founded On Trust

To understand how Perceptive Power Infrastructure works and what we offer, it’s important to understand The Perceptive Way. After decades of experience in the energy sector, our managing director, Scott Tampke, decided that things could be done better. He saw that America’s Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) could benefit from partners that understood the changing energy […]

What We Offer Rural Electric Cooperatives

At Perceptive Power Infrastructure, we see the challenges and changes facing Rural Electric Cooperatives today. As Rural Electric Cooperatives explore ways to ensure grid resiliency, explore non-traditional generation options and keep costs low, government legislation has provided helpful federal tax incentives, but also created massive Net-Zero goals.  Meanwhile, electricity consumption continues to climb. As it […]