Empowering Rural America: Tailored Distributed Energy Solutions with True Green Capital's Secured Funding

Perceptive Power Infrastructure is more than a company. We’re a reliable partner offering distributed energy solutions for Rural America – building collaborative partnerships with RECs and C&I companies to generate a brighter, cleaner energy future.  

Our mission is clear: to establish transparent alliances that empower our partners to secure their energy future, embrace sustainability, and better serve their members. 

As the dedicated development arm for True Green Capital (TGC), our team is your team. We’re there…constantly.  

What True Green Capital’s Backing Means for PPI Clients

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U.S. States with Investments

In the last decade, TGC has invested over $1.3 billion of capital in renewable infrastructure, with ~ $510 million in equity capital across three funds – a ~ 548 MW portfolio over 39 investments. Their proven track record speaks volumes.  

Secure funding for distributed generation projects


Owned by True Green Capital’s Fund IV, PPI has $660 million of raised capital specifically for distributed generation projects. 

This allocated funding underpins our unwavering commitment to creating energy opportunities for Rural America. So as the dedicated distributed generation development partner for True Green Capital, that means two things for PPI clients: 

  • No going out to the market to secure commercial debt 
  • Project delay reduction 

One hand to shake

PPI remains a part of the project throughout the process. No flipping or handing our clients off to external partners. We remain the single thread from development through operations, with TGC’s asset management team brought in at an early stage to assure continuity. 

National presence and reputability

 TGC is actively invested in projects in over 14 US states – their enduring reputation made possible by a highly experienced leadership team of electric power and finance industry professionals with over 170 years of relevant combined experience 

Together, we’re changing the energy landscape. Explore our partner page to find out more about our partnership with True Green Capital.

The Perceptive Way: Real conversations that create tailored solutions

Together we: 

  • Understand your situation, needs, and goals through real, in-depth conversations  
  • Evaluate the best solution using our proprietary model 
  • And answer one basic question: can distributed generation benefit your cost structure and energy goals? 


We believe the best team to support rural communities is a team that comes from rural communities. This, combined with our team’s 7+ decades of experience across the energy industry, means we’re not just a company that cares – we’re a company that knows. 

With The Perceptive Way as our guiding framework, we go beyond providing distributed generation solutions to build transparent and enduring relationships. By initiating real conversations to create tailored solutions that empower cooperatives to navigate the evolving energy landscape and generate potential savings of 15-20%. 

With our commitment to understanding and advancing distributed generation, we leverage advanced modeling to align each project with the client’s needs and opportunities. We work directly with every client throughout the project’s duration, ensuring continuity and fostering a partnership grounded in trust. 

We’re not the middlemen – we’re your go-to partner. 

Secure your community’s energy future with distributed generation solutions

Get in touch to speak directly with our Co-Founder, Scott, and discuss how we – backed by the secure funding of True Green Capital – can help you reach your community’s energy needs. 

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