In a world where the energy landscape is constantly evolving, partnerships between Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) and their suppliers founded on trust and transparency are essential. That’s why we’re proud to have cultivated a team committed to this fundamental principle.

 In our last blog, we introduced our trusted partner and Head of Origination, Gary Hurse. Before joining us at Perceptive Power Infrastructure, Gary was CEO of the Lea County Electric Cooperative, which supplies energy to members in New Mexico and Texas. As CEO, it was Gary’s responsibility to evaluate new power suppliers.

We sat down with Gary to learn more about the process he used to evaluate prospective partners to understand exactly how their proposed project would fit into his REC’s existing power supply portfolio.

From there, three crucial questions shaped his conversations.

Gary Hurse - Head of Origination

The Big Three

It was important to me to understand what they know. I guess you could say I grilled them pretty good. If they couldn’t answer some of the basic questions that I felt they should be able to answer, then I just really didn’t spend the time talking to them. I tried to understand from them what their back office support was. I was also looking for their financial background. What sorts of projects had they built before? They’d take an hour trying to explain who they were and all their credentials and I didn’t really care about all of that. That wasn’t what I needed to know at that point. I needed to know the fundamentals of the company, said Gary.

Let’s get into our fundamentals by asking these three critical questions about PPI:

What is your back office support?

Together, our back office holds more than seven decades of experience working with energy cooperatives, electrical companies, and renewable energy – after many of us grew up in the rural areas we now serve.

We pride ourselves on the expertise and care of team members like Gary, with his understanding that RECs are committed to their members and connected by a strong community.

But Gary isn’t the only team member with experience in the industry.

Our founder, Scott Tampke, started Perceptive Power Infrastructure after retiring as Director of Renewable Energy Business Development at Black & Veatch. His diverse background includes natural gas transmission and production, coal and natural gas-fired electricity production, wind generation, energy storage, and solar PV. Through this experience, he recognized a critical challenge: the need for transparency and trust in the energy market.

What is your financial background?

Perceptive Power Infrastructure is fully funded and as a True Green Capital Fund IV company, we have $660 million dollars already available to us. This means a lot to our prospective partners.

It means no delay to projects in order to go to market and secure capital. It means no risk of a project stalling part-way through as funds dwindle – a key challenge we’ve seen many RECs face before partnering with PPI.

Building partnerships founded in trust, our open-book policy gives our partners confidence that they’re entering into a fair and honest deal with the backing to see their project through. This is an important part of The Perceptive Way, our guiding principle built on transparent conversations and continuous feedback from the first meeting to the final handshake.

What sort of projects have you built before?

With seven decades of combined experience comes seven decades of project design and management.

While working for Black & Veatch, Scott led the development of 600 MW of solar in central Florida.

Gary has developed and constructed multiple solar, wind, and reciprocating engine projects while CEO of Lea County Electric Cooperative. 

Our partner True Green Capital has over 500 million dollars in distributive solar assets in operation and more than 10 years of experience building, owning, and operating solar facilities.

We also have some exciting, innovative projects currently in the works. We’d be happy to share more information about the solutions we’re currently implementing for our partners so get in touch to speak to our team directly.

Choosing a trustworthy development partner

The care and commitment with which Gary would vet potential partners during his time as CEO at LCEC is exactly the kind of care and commitment we appreciate from our partners.

Because we know they’re committed to their communities. As are we.

With those three important questions answered, Gary would only continue the conversation if he felt he was working with a knowledgeable, trustworthy company that could offer him the right solutions. Still today it’s important to him to work with a good developer. This time though, he’s on the other side of the table.

“At this time [in my career], my name is valuable. People hear it and they know who I am. I’m not going to put my name with a company that I can’t trust,” said Gary. 

Gary’s insight has given us a valuable look at how RECs evaluate us as a company. We know that each cooperative has its process for vetting new suppliers and assessing the viability of new projects. That’s why we offer a tailored approach to understand each cooperative’s needs and communities and provide custom solutions every single time.

The one thing that remains constant is the way we do business: with a straightforward, transparent, and collaborative approach.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, Gary would be happy to share more details and hear about your REC. Use our contact form to hear back from us shortly.

Together, let’s find the best distributed generation solution for your community.

Meet the Team is a series of blogs in which we introduce the great people who make up Perceptive Power Infrastructure. Each blog explores the expertise they bring to our team and how they’re working to make the industry better for rural electric cooperatives.

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