Our ‘Meet the Team’ series is back, highlighting the diverse and dedicated team that makes up Perceptive Power Infrastructure. 

Today, we shine the spotlight on Heidi Pope, our Head of Marketing. Raised in River Falls, Wisconsin, Heidi grew up surrounded by farming communities, developing a deep connection to rural America – a connection that fuels her work at PPI.

Heidi Pope - Head of Marketing

Solving Marketing Challenges Across Industries

Heidi brings 20 years of experience to her work with PPI, having started honing her skills almost immediately after leaving college in 2002. She shared, “I started in my first marketing and graphic design position pretty much right out of college at the travel insurance company that’s now Allianz. I ended up leaving there in 2006 because I wanted to learn about prepress and everything that comes with it.”

From there, she went on to Signature Press, where she honed her skills in marketing and graphic design as Lead Designer. She also has valuable experience in the agriculture sector, working with the Wisconsin Potato, Vegetable, and Growers Association and Wisconsin Rural Water, before starting her own marketing agency to act as the marketing arm for companies like us.

What Inspired You to Work With PPI?

After being introduced to Katie, our Head of Operations, Heidi saw an opportunity to come on board as our marketing partner to help us build a robust brand, so we can communicate our mission with more of the RECs and communities who would benefit from what we do.

“When I got involved with PPI, they had a one-page website. I enjoy bringing brands to life, and that’s exactly what I set out to do for PPI,” says Heidi.

Heidi’s work focuses on developing a consistent and engaging presence for PPI across various platforms. She understands that it takes at least seven touchpoints for people to trust a brand and she works tirelessly to ensure PPI hits those markers. 

She says, “Building brand awareness is one of the toughest things in marketing as it doesn’t have direct trackability to ROI. But it makes PPI show up. It makes us consistent.”

Why Does PPI’s Unique Approach Resonate With You?

I resonate with PPI’s approach because they put relationships with their customers first, something that is my first priority in the marketing strategies we create.

It’s our approach that sets us apart in the industry. At PPI, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions but take time to sit down with every customer face-to-face, discuss the challenges they’re facing, and tailor the solutions we recommend accordingly. Then we stand by our partners throughout the project, not just until the contracts are signed.

Why Is Marketing So Important in the Energy Sector?

By changing how consumers and energy providers think about how to solve their energy challenges, we can encourage a broader shift to more sustainable, community-focused solutions. 

In her words, “Marketing is important because it’s the voice of the company. It’s bringing a voice to Perceptive Power Infrastructure, who they are, and what they want to accomplish. It gives us a platform to start the open conversations that are the backbone of how we operate. So we can work collaboratively with REC partners to find solutions.”

What Does the Future of Energy Look Like?

Looking to the future, Heidi is optimistic about the impact PPI can make in the energy sector. She is proud to be part of a team that is making a difference through innovative strategies. 

“Consumer demands are changing, and energy Co-ops are reprioritizing their energy mix to move towards more sustainable solutions. This has a ripple effect across the industry as more people pay attention.”

Lasting Impressions and Enduring Relationships

Heidi isn’t just a marketing partner to PPI but an integral part of our team, contributing her expertise and passion to strengthen our brand and mission. Her work is helping PPI leave a powerful, lasting impression that resonates with our customers, so we can start more conversations and build stronger relationships in the long run. 

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Meet the Team is a series of blogs in which we introduce the great people who make up Perceptive Power Infrastructure. Each blog explores the expertise they bring to our team and how they’re working to make the industry better for rural electric cooperatives.

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