Distributed generation can be an excellent solution to many of the challenges facing today’s electrical suppliers, especially electric cooperatives. Technologies like PV solar, energy storage and natural gas-powered reciprocating engines can cut costs across the board while also proving more reliability and resilience. The decision to incorporate any of these technologies into a power supply portfolio is a big one. Understandably, a lot of work goes into making sure that the project is well-planned and funding is available. 

Despite that, we know that sometimes it happens – a distributed generation project hits a snag. The land and municipality agreements are secure and whether still in development or during construction, funding runs out. The project is forced to stop. We hate to hear stories like this because we like to see distributed generation succeed. For that reason, Perceptive Power Infrastructure is experienced in helping stuck projects get going again with development funds.

development funds

Secure funding for solar projects

We are a dedicated developer for True Green Capital Fund IV. This means that funding is already raised for our projects. We do not have to go out to the market to secure commercial debt. In fact, when True Green Capital closed its fourth fund in June 2022 at $660MM, they had exceeded their target by $150 million.  

In addition to raising over $650 million in capital for Fund IV, we have a proven history of putting assets in the ground. Our completed projects have resulted in successful energy costs for our clients. True Green Capital has also produced higher than expected returns from previous development funds. In short – we’re financially sound.  

Successful project management

It’s one thing to have the funding and another to know how to use it. We’re pleased to report that our in-house project leadership team has decades of experience with distributed generation assets. We currently have 539+ MW of operating and plants under construction in 14 states and counting. Over the last 11 years, we’ve built strong connections within the energy sector.  

Over the years we’ve also seen the challenges and opportunities facing America’s Electric Cooperatives, especially the rural ones. Small towns and rural areas stand to benefit the most from grid modernization and distributed generation, but they also face some of the biggest hurdles when it comes to securing the development funds to implement these solutions.  

Project restart partner

Restarting a stalled project, even in a rural community, is certainly possible, but it requires more than just funding and experience. It needs teamwork. When we step into an existing project, especially one that has stalled, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Working together as partners is essential to us. For that reason, we first take the time to get to know everyone already involved in the project.  

We want to be sure that before we start creating plans, we understand who we’re working with and what the priorities are. This is part of a method we’ve created that we like to call the Perceptive Way.  

Using this method, we ensure that the work we do is transparent. We think this is essential to all projects, but especially ones that have run into funding problems. We want to build a relationship based on trust with our clients. We believe that the way to do that is by being honest about our finances and professional dealings. From project planning to construction to post-construction maintenance, our books are always open to our clients so they can be confident that they’re getting the project they want at the price they agreed to.  

A passion for energy

Perceptive Power Infrastructure is a tight knit, family-run organization of renewable energy professionals. More than that though, we’re a team that comes from small towns and knows how to help small towns. We know that securing funding for distributed generation can be challenging for Rural Electric Companies and we want to help.  

By leveraging the experience, relationships and resources we’ve built, we feel confident in our ability to bring projects to completion – whether they start with us or not.  


If your distributed generation project has stopped because of funding problems or for other reasons, please reach out to us. Scott, Sean and the rest of our team would love to help you find a way to get it going again