Distributed Generation Solutions That Power Energy Independence

Supply stable energy to your community and generate potential savings of 15-20%.

Our proprietary model assesses your data to uncover the best combination of distributed energy resources (DERs), tailored to your REC.

Combining the Right Energy Resources in the Right Way To Achieve Maximum Optimization

Together, we’ll determine the most cost-effective distributed generation solution to support your community. 

By combining your energy data, regulatory information, and community’s goals, the Perceptive Model determines your best-fit solution, most efficient run-times, and potential ROI. 

So you can maximize your demand management incentives and take full advantage of your resources.


All we need is one year of 8760 data, load data, and energy invoices for our model to identify the most efficient DER mix to power a more sustainable future for your community. The more data you can provide, the stronger your recommendations will be.


Your goals and requirements are unique, so your best solution is unique. We take a personal approach to understand those requirements and adjust the model variables to generate your savings summary, solution recommendations, and ROI report.


Beyond which DERs are most suitable for your REC, our model identifies the ways in which they should be run to generate maximum cost savings, efficiency gains, and ROI.

A Fresh Perspective on Distributed Generation

We’re building renewables into every solution because it’s the best fit technically, operationally, and financially. That’s a step in the right direction, no matter what.

Strengthen Your Supply With Customized Distributed Generation Solutions

The right combination of DERs is entirely tailored to your REC’s unique needs. 


Our proprietary model determines the best combination of energy assets that’ll support you in your commitment to bettering the lives of your community members. 


Explore some of our technologies for more on how we can support you: