Power Without Interruption: Secure Energy Independence to Minimize Disruption

Bolster your investment in renewable energy sources like PV solar by combining it with battery storage. To maximize value and energy resilience with dispatchable energy on-site.

Solve Peak Demand Challenges With A Solution Built on

Sustainability & Security

Avoid Energy Waste

Maximize ROI in your distributed energy systems while moving closer to your sustainability and net-zero goals – by combining PV solar and battery storage.

Avoid wasting excess generation and cut the costs to you, your members, and the environment.

Cost Effective Energy When Your Customers Need it Most

Combat your increasing demand, peak demand prices, and energy shortages with a reserve of dispatchable energy on hand.

Realize significant cost savings for your REC – and your customers – with reliable, cost-effective electricity during peak periods and coincidental peaks.

Enhance Renewable Energy Integration

Balance the variability of renewable energy sources while reducing your community’s reliance on the grid. 

And with a consistent, cleaner power supply, reaffirm the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Guarantee Long-Term,

Reliable, and Affordable Power

With a diversified energy mix, increase your REC’s energy independence. 

Uninterrupted power

Ensure your customers have uninterrupted power in any situation

Maximum value

Maximize your ROI from solar energy systems by combining generation and storage

Hit sustainability goals

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your community