Sustainable Energy That Doesn’t Compromise Reliability

Natural gas and renewable energy together can provide valuable assistance in achieving your RECs short and long-term electrical power goals.

Combine the renewable energy of PV Solar with the immediate backup power of reciprocating engines to derive maximum value, efficiency, and reliability from your distributed generation solution.

Safeguard Your Community With A

Flexible, Resilient, and Reliable Energy Mix

Emergency Backup for Energy Loss

Ensure essential services can continue even if the grid is down and your solar generation can’t support demand on its own – with immediate emergency energy on-site.

Within ten minutes natural gas-powered reciprocating engines can be deployed – even in black-start scenarios – with alternative fuel such as propane.

Maximum Flexibility

Adjust capacity to manage peak loads or as coincidental peaks adjust. 

With relatively low O&M costs, and quick-start capabilities, adding reciprocating engines to your supply mix supports the variability of solar energy and offers a cost-effective alternative to soley depending on power from the grid.

Balance Sustainability With Reliability

Derive maximum value from your distributed energy solutions.

Combining your needs for energy with renewable energy sources, backed up by reciprocating engines that produce fewer emissions per kw/h than other fossil fuel technologies.

Secure Your Future: Expertly Manage Your Power Supply Mix

Reduce reliance on the larger grid

In markets like ERCOT, with 4CP-dependent tariffs, the yearly saving potential is huge

Gain greater control over supply

With a greater supply of dispatchable energy to protect your customers

Reduce exposure to price fluctuations

Translate your investment into cost savings for all of your REC members