Power a More

Sustainable Future

for Your Community

Increasing peak demand and unpredictable weather events continue to strain the grid.

While REC members are increasingly vocal about the stability and sustainability of their supply.

Invest in PV solar to supply stable, clean energy to your community at a consistent cost.

Reliable Renewable Energy at

Zero Fuel Cost

Gain Long-Term Price Assurance

Realize cost savings with on-site, non-fuel-dependent energy generation at a definite,pre-determined cost.

Maintain Member Loyalty​

Meet your members’ demand for renewable energy before they consider installing their own, behind-the-meter generation systems. 

Providing reliable, renewable energy at an affordable, consistent cost is the crucial puzzle piece to retaining their loyalty. 

Meet Renewable Energy Goals

RECs face the ongoing challenge of meeting renewable energy goals and reducing carbon emissions, while still maintaining affordability and reliability for their customers.

Incorporate PV solar into your distributed generation energy mix to start taking that next step for the future of your REC.

Energy Independence: An Investment in the Future of Your Community

Reduce the reliance on the grid

Take the strain off of the aging grid infrastructure and supply stable power to your customers

Take the next step in sustainability

Add solar to your energy mix to meet the demand of your customers

Gain greater control

Reduce your REC’s exposure to price fluctuations and shortages with greater control over your energy supply

Together, let’s find the best distributed generation solution for your community

Get in touch to speak directly with our Co-Founder, Scott, and discuss how we can help you reach your energy needs.

A True Green Capital Partner

Million in Funding
Million of distributed assets
Years of experience


Your Partner in Distributed Energy

Energy projects often stall because of insufficient funding or overlooked costs that can bring a project to a standstill.

The Perceptive Way is entrenched in understanding your current energy situation to uncover the best way forward. Our proprietary model assesses your energy mix to recommend the most appropriate distributed generation solution. 

We’re masters in bringing those stalled projects back to life  – getting them off the ground faster, with funding already secured to drive them forward from day one.

With power purchase agreements and equipment leases available, each option allows you to buy after ITC recapture and will be tailored to your specific needs.