Building a partnership founded on trust

To understand how Perceptive Power Infrastructure works and what we offer, it’s important to understand The Perceptive Way. After decades of experience in the energy sector, our managing director, Scott Tampke, decided that things could be done better. He saw that America’s rural electric cooperatives (RECs) needed distributed generation partners who understand their unique needs. More importantly though, he saw that they needed transparency from these partners. This was his motivation in creating the Perceptive Way approach and it’s what drives us all here at Perceptive Power Infrastructure.

The Perceptive Way approach is simple. We want to provide solutions to America’s RECs while building a partnership that is transparent and built on a foundation of trust. In order to provide a clear understanding of how we work and what we offer, we’ve outlined our process.

01. Meet

During our initial conversations, we focus on the human side of the operation first. We want to know how we can best help you. To do that, we listen. We’ll sit down together and focus on understanding your current energy situation, the community you serve and the goals you want to achieve. 

If we decide to move forward, we share a mutual agreement to work exclusively with one another for a predetermined amount of time. During this process there is no charge to you – this is our exploratory process with the purpose of a final partnership agreement approved by all.


02. Understand

We ask you to provide us information about your energy bill, energy usage and any covenants you may have with current suppliers. Meanwhile, we compile data on your market and relevant regulations.

We take the information you provided and analyze it using our proprietary model. We assess the financial, technical and operational factors against one basic question: by employing distributed generation can we change part of your cost structure to benefit you?


03. Agree

We present the outcome generated by our model. Using this outcome, we create a solution using equipment and purchase agreements which suit your goals.  During this process we also open our books so you can trust you’re getting a fair and honest deal.

Once we all have a firm grasp of what needs to happen, how we’re going to make it happen and what the deadline is, we agree to move forward with the project.


04. Execute

We handle all the preparations- from permitting to equipment procurement to project management. Once ground is broken, we also oversee construction management. After construction, we continue to maintain the system for the duration of our agreement.


05. Partner

Throughout the whole process we work as partners. From first meeting to last handshake, we provide continuous feedback and opportunities for discussion. Our books are always open to you and our dealings transparent. That’s The Perceptive Way.

We Welcome You to Connect with Us!

Let’s set up a time to learn more about your energy needs and how we may be able to help.