How Perceptive Power Infrastructure and True Green Capital Are Invested in Rural Energy

Perceptive Power Infrastructure is proud to partner with True Green Capital Management LLC (TGC), a specialized renewable energy infrastructure private equity firm.  

With a shared belief in the future of distributed generation energy, our partnership is committed to powering rural America. TGC brings to the table an impressive portfolio, with successful energy investments across the US.  

And together, we’re committed to moving your energy production into a new phase, securing the future of your community with the best combination of distributed generation assets. 

Who is True Green Capital?

Founded in July 2011, TGC is a specialized renewable energy infrastructure private equity firm. They’ve set their sights on the US and Europe, with their headquarters based in Westport, Connecticut. 

Their belief in the future of energy aligns perfectly with ours at Perceptive Power Infrastructure. They, like us, are convinced that distributed generation is that future. It’s this shared vision that makes our partnership a powerful force in the energy sector. 

TGC is a group of forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about renewable energy and dedicated to making a difference in the energy market.  

What is their experience in energy?

When it comes to experience in the energy sector, TGC is no novice. They’ve got an impressive portfolio that speaks volumes about their expertise and commitment. 

To start with, they’ve got over 539+ MW of operating and under-construction solar power plants under their belt. They’ve spread their influence across 14+ US states, investing in projects that have significantly improved energy costs. 

But the impressive stats don’t stop there. They’ve got over 1200 MW in their investment pipeline and $500 million in operational distributive energy assets 

Over the past decade, TGC has been busy building, owning, and operating solar facilities. Each project they’ve undertaken ranges from 550KW to 10MW, showing their versatility and capability to handle projects of varying scales. And now, they’ve dedicated a $600 million fund for distributed energy projects in Rural America. 

Finally, they’ve invested over $1.3 billion of capital in renewable infrastructure. That’s a testament to their dedication and belief in renewable energy. 

In short, TGC’s experience in the energy sector is vast and varied. Their commitment to renewable energy is unwavering, and their expertise is unparalleled. And it’s this combination that makes them the perfect partner for us at Perceptive Power Infrastructure. 

What has TGC already achieved?

TGC’s achievements in the energy sector are truly remarkable. They’ve not only made significant strides in renewable energy but have also made a positive impact on local communities. 

In Los Angeles, they’ve built the largest C&I rooftop solar facility in the world based on production. This project not only contributed to renewable energy but also created 350 local jobs during the 10 months of construction. You can read more about this impressive case study here. 

But their achievements don’t stop there. They’ve also provided local, clean energy to an educational institution in Easton, MA. Under a long-term power purchase agreement, TGC owns solar canopies on Stonehill College’s parking lot. These canopies generate clean, green power for the college’s on-site consumption, creating substantial savings versus electricity rates and powering a more energy-efficient future. 

And let’s not forget about Nu World Cosmetics in Northeastern US. Under a 20-year power purchase agreement, TGC’s rooftop solar system produces approximately 49% of the company’s total electricity needs. This results in 25-30% annual electricity savings – a significant reduction in energy costs.

These achievements reflect TGC’s commitment to renewable energy and their dedication to supporting local communities through job creation and a more sustainable future. 

How does our partnership work?

Our partnership with TGC perfectly combines their financial backing with excellence in project execution. Here’s how it works: TGC provides the funds, and we at Perceptive Power Infrastructure act as the bridge that executes the project. 

Most development arms will scope a project first and then go out and sell the project to financers.  

With TCG, we flipped this process on its head. 

From our early conversations, our clients meet with both the PPI and TCG team to ensure their needs and expectations align with what TCG sees as financially viable. While we manage the project from start to finish, TCG’s expertise and direct input from almost day one sets us apart from any other development partner out there.  

What does this mean for the projects we undertake?

First and foremost, it means secure funding. With TGC’s dedicated fund, we don’t have to go out to the market to secure commercial debt at any point in the project. This not only simplifies the process but also protects your project against any funding-related delays. 

Our clients get two partners rolled into one. We at Perceptive Power Infrastructure take ownership from start to finish, with TGC’s expertise, experience, and secured funds behind us. This means we don’t have to hand off to other partners at any point during building or operation. 

In short, our partnership with TGC means peace of mind for you: secure funding, a streamlined process, and a team of experts dedicated to making your project a success.  

Together, we have the combined power to move your energy production into a new phase – one that not only meets your current needs but also secures the future of your community.  

We invite you to learn more about our partnership and how we can support your community by visiting our TGC partner page for more information or get in touch to start the conversation.